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Frugal Yoga

About three months ago I started practicing yoga on a regular basis.  Naturaly I didn’t want to spend any extra money on classes, nore do I have the time to take a class out of the home, but a friend pointed out to me that on the PBS2 channel there are several yoga programs that come on early in the morning. I’ve been looking to start some kind of regular physical practice so I thought I’d try it, and I’ve become a big fan of “Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches”.  Her programs are easy to follow and she’s very keen on not hurting yourself and not being intimidated. Her  Yoga program is like the “Slow Foods” movement’s version of exercise! I’ve also found on Netflix Instant Play several yoga programs for specific topics, like relaxation, aches and pains, strength and flexability.  You can also find yoga DVDs at the library. I really enjoy it because it feels good, physicaly and spiritualy. If you have alot of muscular aches and pains, you can also use yoga to reduce your dependency on pain medicine.  Why reach for the advill when you can use a few positions to loosen up your muscles all by your self? After all, reducing health care costs begins at home, right?   I look forward to yoga  every morning and I hope to can keep with it. When I’m as old as Pricilla, I want to look as good and feel as good as she does!


Swap-bot: Belated Beltain Postcard

Here’s the post card I made for my Beltane Postcard swap, sorry about the crappy image! I took this with my cell phone because I couldn’t find my camera! I have the next swap for Litha/Summer Solstice up at if you want to join in the pagan postcard passion!

Beltane Post Card

Beltane Post Card

A Slow Foods Affirmation by Liz La Posta

Sharing a meal is a sacred act of fellowship with our family and loved ones,
Eating is a sacred act of communion with the Earth,
Cooking is the sacred act of preparing food for a delicious meal,
Farming is the sacred act by which we grow the food that we cook, eat, and share,
joining our labors  with the abundance of Mother Nature to sustain ourselves.
The distractions that remove this awareness from our everyday lives are the true inconvenience.
-Liz La Posta

Swap-bot: Ostara Traveling Altar with Matchbox Shrine

This swap was my first large, multi-item swap for a group called “The Green Witch”.  It required an altar cloth, offering, Ostara decorations, letter about one’s path, and something special from receiver’s profile.  I decided to crochet a place mat for the altar cloth, which worked up pretty fast. I also made a crocheted egg, two rooster sickle feathers, two small candles I made years ago, some lavender, a bit of earth from my back yard,  and a matchbox shrine.  The dirt from my yard was something my partner requested. She’s collecting soil from around the world for a peace spell.  The only thing I bought to make this was some yellow cotton yarn, and I’m very glad because it was rather pricey to ship to Sweden!

Ostara Traveling Altar

Ostara Traveling Altar

Ostara Match Box Shrine

Ostara Matchbox Shrine, Font

Ostara Matchbox Shrine, Back

Swap-Bot: Ostara Handmade Postcard Swap

Here’s the latest postcard I made for swap-bot.  Just out of curiosity, if this postcard was for sale, would you buy it and for how much?  I’ve also been experimenting with Matchbox Shrines, I made a shrine to “The Green Man”  for a friend… to be posted soon.

Ostara Card

My Ostara Card made for Swap-bot

Results From the Imbolc Post Card Swap

Here are the beautiful results from the Imbolc Post Card Swap in no particular order.

Imbolc Card 1 <This is the one I received.

Imbolc Card 2

Imbolc Card 3

Imbolc Card 4 <This is the one I made.



Imbolc Postcard Swap

My little Imbolc post card swap is now over, and the four of us have all sent out our cards. (At least they have all been marked as sent at the web site.) I’m looking forward to receiving my card  in the mail. This is how mine turned out. I used pictures from magazines and catalogs such as “Gale Song” and “Pyramid Collection”. I used some glitter on it, and then after I took this picture I “sealed” it with clear packaging tape. On the back I jotted a little poem, and off to Canada it went! Just 75 cents.  I’ll be posting an Ostara Post card Swap ASAP!

Imbolc Post Card by Quaint Homesteader 2010

Imbolc Post Card by Quaint Homesteader 2010