Giving Up Angel Food Ministries

Julian helping me in the kitchen

Julian helping me in the kitchen...

It’s been two months since I’ve ordered food from AFM.  When I first quit my job to stay home with my son Julian and raise some chickens, I was freaked out about money. We started buying food from Angel Food Ministries, and it’s been a big help! But since then, I’ve done enough comparison shopping to know where to find the best deals  (around here, Sam’s Club)  and we just don’t want to eat the processed foods anymore.  We have been eating most of our vegetables from Provident Organic Farms CSA or from our

Vincent learning to Vaccume

"I love vaccuming!" said Vincent! No really that's what he said!

own garden, and this year from “Sharron’s Natural Gardens”.  The Processed foods that come with AFM  taste so salty that we can’t  really eat them!  Also their cuts of chicken come so badly mangled that they are only good for making soup.  One good thing about living on the Eastern Shore is that chicken is very cheap! Until we have our new “Chicken Tractor” (a portable coop) built and we can raise more of our own meat, we will be taking advantage of the $0.88 a lb roasters at Sams Club, and the $0.95 a lb chicken thighs.  We are also considering raising our own pigs.  I’ve begun reading “Storey’s Guide to Raising Pigs”.   The nice thing about being a part of the Transitional Movement is that over night progress is not expected…. and I’m proud to say that in this time of “economic re-evaluation” (aka Resession) we have been eating more local home cooked organic foods than we ever have in our entire lives!


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  1. Posted by Melissa on May 5, 2010 at 9:02 am

    Hey, Liz! While I may agree with most of what you’ve said I do have to point out the fact that like anywhere AFM has it’s good with it’s bad. I usually only buy the mulitple pound pack of boneless skinless chicken breast via AFM which is very useful. I do buy some veggies but prefer local. Sometimes AFM is just convenient.
    There breaded foods like almost everywhere else is very salty. ICK! I agree. 🙂
    I loved the tour of your farm and orchards. One day I will get to that point. Keith is interested also.


    • Oh, AFM was certianlly a life saver when I first quit my job, and in other parts of the county where chicken is more expensive, it’s probably worth it. But since I live less than 5 miles from the Sam’s Club, it just doesn’t make sense to keep spending the money on it. I’ll be posting some tips on how to get started on eating locally and in season, maybe there are some “baby steps” you could take towards a sustainable goal.


  2. AFm was def. useful at times, but i have to agree about the way over saltiness. I liked the IQF chicken. When we used it you had to buy the first pkg to be able to get the other pkg/s which I didn’t really care for. If we could have just bought the 10 lb boxes of meat or whatever the “specials” were, that would have been great.


  3. Posted by Maria on May 10, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    You have a facinating blog, what a interesting life style you have!
    Maria27 – swapbot


  4. I definitely agree, once you make the switch to home/locally grown foods, processed food just never quite cuts it anymore. Canned green beans make me cringe now, especially since they’re so easy to grow! By far my favorite thing from my garden. Also, saw the pictures of your chicks in the previous entry – so cute! Keep us updated on their progress. 😀

    – Megan (miditron from swap-bot, via wordpress followers swap)


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