Fool’s Grove Homestead Update

Spring has sprung and we have gotten quite busy outside!  In addition my eldest son has been home for a few weeks on Intercession, which is what the extended breaks are called in Year Round school. Here’s a summary of what we have been up to. I’m sorry to say I don’t have pictures, as I have misplaced my camera, but I will be sure to make up for that ASAP!

  • Cleaned up Vincent’s Room, including under the bed
  • Made several balls of Plarn, and crocheted a plarn grocery bag
  • Tie Dyed 6 shirts, 2 sweat shirts, several baby bibs, and onsies
  • Bartered with Sharon Carson, a local Biodynamic (Ultra Organic) farmer,  for a consult on our homestead
  • Watched “How to Save the World” a documentary on biodynamic gardening in India
  • Made another batch of fire starters
  • Pruned the grapes, apple tree, blackberries, and ornamental plants
  • Trellised the blackberries, and raspberries
  • Removed wire grass from around blueberries  (and put down bark mulch) and in the vegetable garden bed
  • Started a new compost pile, with several layers of cardboard and an old rug under it to try to keep the wire grass out of it
  • Set up two raised beds with black plastic liner under it, again to keep out the wire grass
  • Planted three kinds of potatoes, red onions, head lettus, radishes, bush beans, and beets
  • Picked up a truck cap from Freecycle to use as a roof for a chicken tractor (a portable coop)
  • Received  a portable turkey brooder we are using as a chicken tractor, and will also use as a brooder
  • Set up the egg incubator, as the hens arn’t interested in going broody
  • Made about a dozen grape vine wreathes of different sizes, and started some cuttings
  • Listed my homestead at
  • Purchased my first 50 lb bag of  “Lancaster Agriculture Products” brand Layer Mash (chicken feed) which is made from grain on farms that are transitioning to organic, but don’t yet have the USDA Organic certification

I promise to get some pictures as soon as I find my camera!


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