Cookbooks for Localvores, Slowfoodies, and Gardeners

I think the biggest barrier to people eating locally grown food is that we have forgotten how to cook! There are several cookbooks that focus on cooking from the garden, and here are the two I’ve gotten my hands on:

Simply in Season published by World Community Cookbooks is the book recommended by my CSA, Provident Organic Farms. When you join the CSA the first year, you also purchase this cookbook, and it’s been a real inspiration! It’s organized by season, and color coded so you can flip to the right seaon easily. The main veggie ingredients are listed on the sides in bold print, so it’s very easy to find what your looking for.  There is also an “All Seasons” section for cooking beans and breads with several make ahead mix recipes. Many recipes are vegetarian, but there are meat dishes as well, so something for everyone.  Each recipe has a little spiritual story that goes with it, that relates to food and our connection to the divine, from a Christian point of view, but as a Unitarian Universalist,  I can easily translate into something I’m more comfortable with.  At the web site, there is an intergenerational study guide for use in a church or Sunday School setting, which I am going to look into more.

The Greenthumb Cook Book by Anne Moyer is a new book my mom found for me used. I think it’s out of print, but you might find it at or ebay.   It’s organized by vegetable in alphabetical order, and features 61 different vegetables.  I’m looking forward to exploring it this growing season!

And last, but not least, my favorite online cookbook is Recipezaar! They have an excellent search engine where you can search for the ingredients you want or don’t want, and special things like crockpot cooking, or even “make ahead” meals. I listed my burrito recipe there, check it out! The recipes there also print out very nice. I have mine in a three ring binder.

And if you are still having trouble finding local food, don’t forget Local Harvest!

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  1. I’ve never heard of this cookbook before but I really like the idea that each recipe has a spiritual story that goes along with it. Thanks for sharing.


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