A Quaint Valentines Day

I have fond memories of cutting out paper hearts and gluing them to paper doilies to make a handmade Valentine for each student in my class.  This custom has been replaced by the dorkiest commercial Valentines I have ever seen. How lame is it to just print names on cards hardly bigger than a business card?  Can’t cable television leave just one holiday alone, please?  So naturally I wanted to do something completely different, so I crocheted 22 red heart ornaments and taped  each one to a bag of candy, and sent Vincent off to school with them.  I hope they are well received.

I also involved Vincent in our first Swap-Bot exchange for kids, a DIY Valentines swap, where he made two hand made Valentines and sent them and some goodies to his assigned partners. The packages included candy, pencils, stickers, the Valentine, a crocheted heart,  a feather from our chickens, and a little note.  The partner in Sweden told me her son loved the feather! I’m not sure yet, if the other package was received.  Vincent has not received any packages yet, due to the weather, but I hope we get them tomorrow.

I hope you all had a great Valentines Day weekend. Next year, lets’ all not wish for a white Valentines Day, Ok?


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