Fourteen Free Things I Could Use

There are some normally recycled or tossed out items that I could use. Here’s a list of them, I would deeply appreciate it if you could remember to save them for me, if you are local to me.  If the item is small, and you are one of my partners at  feel free to include this in a package!

1. Old Candle Wax: I recycle it into new candles!

2. Large plastic Ice Cream Containers:  Great for organizing stuff! I use smaller ones for storing household batteries for recycling. I used another for my compost bucket. Another is a toy for my son Julian!

3. Buckets with Lids:  Like the kind cat food or litter come in. Also useful for storing things in the garage that you don’t want mice to get into.  I use one for my diaper bucket in my bathroom.

4. Plastic Bags in  gray,  tan, or blue:  I make these into plarn (plastic yarn) to make bags and other non-clothing items. I shop at Food Lion, so anything not white and blue I would love to have! Swappers, feel free to send me a blue one!

5. Mason Jars: For canning or candles!

6. Paper Bags: I use them to wrap stuff for shipping, and for covering school books.

7. Plastic Vinegar Bottle:  or anything food grade (no bleach bottles). I cut them into scoops for chicken or pet feed.

8. Grolsch bottles: the beer bottles with the buckle top, for making home made soda!

9. Egg Cartons:  For both eggs and fire starters!

10. Plastic Milk Rings: You can crochet around them to make ornaments! Another good one for swappers!

11. Chinese Take Out Containers:  esp the rectangle shaped plastic containers and the pints and quart sized liquid containers. Paul uses them for his lunch, and I freeze food in them sometimes too.

12.Ice packs and Styrofoam coolers:  for transporting eggs.

13. Box Tops for Vincent’s School:  I usually skip the fundraisers, but I work extra hard at collecting the box tops from anyone who isn’t already turning them into a school! If your a swapper who isn’t saving your box tops for your kids, please, send me some!! Honestly I don’t buy allot of the foods that have the Box Tops, so I can use all the help I can get!

14. Big Pretzel Jars: I usually see them at Sam’s Club, or smaller ones at Wall-mart. Also good for storing flour, pet food, yarn or plarn!  You can also cut the top off and stick them over plants in the early spring to create a mini green house.


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