Post Cards and Potholders with Swap-Bot

A few weeks ago I discovered this neat website called, where you can join swaps for all kinds of items, many of which are hand made. I started with a pot holder swap, which you can read about here.  The swap ended yesterdy, and I got a note from my partner that she has not mailed it yet, but at least she sent me a note!  I also joined a Brewery Box post card swap where we cut post cards from beer box art and mailed them to two partners. I send both of my postcards, cut from Wood Chuck Draft Cider boxes (my favorite beer-like drink), and sent them out right away.  I did receive one postcard made from a “Flying Dog Beer” box. The sender said that it’s nasty beer, but great for making bread! LOL  The pot holder I crocheted was received and I now have my first rating (somewhat like feedback on ebay) which enables me to host my own swaps.  You can see the two that I have created listed on the right side of this page.  The Imbolc Post Card Swap is now closed, and has 4 participants.  I have a week to make my Imbolc post card, and I’ll be sure to post a picture of it here!The hair scrunchy swap is still open, so feel free to join!

Swap-Bot also allows people to make private groups who can then hold private swaps that are open only to group members. This way if people don’t want to release their mailing address to just anybody, they can make a group. Groups also are a way to keep out “Flakers” who are people who join a swap and don’t send the required item.  I’m thinking about making a Unitarian Universalist Group to do UU themed swaps.



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