My Emergency Food Storage Update

Now that I have the entire plan posted here, I’ll give you my current situation.  The most difficult part of this is the storage! I have found lots of nooks and crannies to stock up my 3L bottles of water, but I haven’t found any food safe plastic buckets.  I also ran out of indoor space, so I opted to store the oatmeal in my garage in a steel trash can (because it’s mouse proof) that cost me $15. I buy my oatmeal at Sam’s Club at about $8 for 9 lbs. and it comes in plastic bags, which I date, so that I can use the oldest oatmeal first. I probably have about about 27 lbs of oats saved up, but I need about 60lbs for the 4 of us, but now that I have my steel trash can, I can start buying more oat meal! The other advantage to storing it in the garage, is that it will freeze and kill any bugs that are packaged in the oatmeal. After I get my 60 lbs stocked up, I’ll work on the canned beans. Honestly the water is the hardest thing to store, because you don’t want it to freeze and pop your 3L soda bottles. Perhaps I will just have to put up more shelves eventually.

Good Luck with your food storage projects! Let me know if you find any easy solutions!



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  1. Posted by Jaelle on January 19, 2010 at 8:42 am

    Hi there! Swapbot lurker and fellow pagan here, stalking your wild blog entry on emergency preparedness (favorite topic of mine). Referring you to this link:

    You can also stack food in the cans as well – layer heavy items like jugs of water on the bottom, then soft items like blankets, then soft packet perishables like power bars. Although I personally don’t recommend those. There’s never as big an emergency as that gnawing feeling in your tummy and the idea that somewhere in the house are handy-dandy chocolate bars that nobody ever needs.


  2. Hey there! Thanks for posting a comment! Thanks for the tip on storing food in trash cans! Great ideas! I’m just concerned that if I put canned beans in the garage, they would freeze. Would that ruin the food? Root Cellars are great storage options….unless you live on the Eastern Shore… I’ve looked into it, and all the local organic farmers say not to bother, we are so low on the water table, drainage is a huge problem. Most of the homes here, including mine, don’t even have a basement! Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope to see you around at Swap Bot! You might be interested in my Imbolc card swap!!



  3. Posted by Jaelle on January 22, 2010 at 4:13 am

    Got an attic? I was going to say “basement” but you beat me to the punch. All indicators indicate that frozen food cans can become a food safety issue. Take up canning, though – you can display your canned foods with some nice labels as “art objects” until you eat ’em. Or go with those dried army survival packets (but those suck. They really do suck). How cold does it get in your area? How hot? Could you develop food caches, or would those promote beasties?


  4. I do have an attic, but I know it gets very hot up there in the summer, and it might freeze up there, I’m not sure. I would like to put up some more shelves and put my canned foods on display, that’s sound very do-able! I do get freezing temperatures here, but we tend to freeze and thaw and freeze and thaw. I’m in zone 7, as far as growing plants goes. Thanks for reading my blog!!


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