Yet another blog post about Avatar…

Avatar was an amazing movie, and I’d love to experience using an Avatar Na’vi body or visit Pandora just as much as the next fan…but it was a movie and ultimately I am a pink skinned human with rounded ears who lives on Earth with my family and my chickens.  My priorities are here on Earth, my feet are on the blessed ground.  It seams that this movie has awakened many people to the idea that nature is sacred, but I’ve also noticed some scary reactions.  Some people are pining away for Pandora, pinning away to be a Na’vi, trying to lucidly dream themselves into the movies, even becoming depressed or worse suicidal. To these people I say that the Earth needs you here, not lost in your dreams and certainly not dead.  Take that inspiration and put it to use here! Our planet is not yet a “dying world” it can be saved and sustained.  Start thinking about how you live and what you eat and make lifestyle changes to be more sustainable. Spend time in nature.  If you change the way you live, and you still want to put on blue make up, I can live with that! I might even join you!

Quaint Sa’nu

PS: I also give Avatar props for this action figure! Score one for disability awareness!


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