“If it wasn’t for bacon, I wouldn’t buy paper towels!”

Cloth Diaper Rainbow

Cloth Diaper Rainbow

We use quite a bit of cloth, for just about everything. Cloth diapers on the baby, cloth napkins at the dinner table,  rags for cleaning and even cloth pads for *that* time of the month.  And it’s true, if not for our modest consumption of bacon, I probably wouldn’t ever buy paper towels.  My kitchen is equipped with its own mini trash can for a laundry basket.  I use one of those plastic grocery bag dispensers to dispense cloth rags instead.  I have two dozen yellow wash clothes that are only for Julian’s face, hands and high chair.  My mop has a cloth scrubbing pad that’s washable, and if you have a swiffer, you can make washable covers for it, like this one. Most of my rags are from old clothes and socks, so it’s a great way to reuse and reduce.  All the “Kitchen Laundry” gets washed separate from clothes.  Diapers and my cloth pads are washed together, so it’s not too much extra work.  Just so you know I’m not totally crazy, I still use toilet paper, disposable baby wipes, tissues and cleaning wipes  however,  I’m considering using cloth wipes for Julian when we are home.

Maybe you could also replace you lowest priority disposables with cloth as well. It just takes a little extra time and if you have the time, it’s worth the savings!

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