My First Swap-Bot Swap!

Blue Denim Pot Holder

Blue Denim Pot Holder

I’ve been swapping books at for a few years now, but I’ve recently discovered where you can set up swaps for all kinds of things with a select group of people. A coordinator sets up the swap details, what kind of items, how much to spend, how many partners, and mailing deadlines. The web site sets up the partners and only reveals address to one’s partners and has a rating and feedback system for both swappers and coordinators .  My first swap is a “Pot Holder Swap” with 9 members.  The coordinator did not limit it to quilted potholders, so I crocheted a blue and white double thick potholder using a Heringbone Half Double Crochet stitch.  It came out much bigger than store bought pot holders and very thick. I’m going to try using the same technique to make some cotton diaper stuffers for Julian.

I have not thus far received my potholder from my partner, but it’s still early. They are to be mailed by January 2oth. I’ll let you all know what I get as soon as I get it! I so love surprises. As soon as I get several good ratings, I’ll be hosting my own swaps.  I’m thinking about an Ostara (Spring Equinox) card and poem swap, if I can get enough ratings to become a swap coordinator by then. Wish me luck!


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