Happy New Year!

Quick Winter Head Bands

Quick Winter Head Bands

We spend New Years Eve at home, eating some treats from the Chinese Take Out down the street while enjoying some Guiness and Wood Chuck.    I was in the process of crocheting my fourth “Winter Head Band” to sell at church, when my favorite color of yarn completely disintegrated  into a chaotic mess. I spend the evening wrestling with the resulting “Yarn Barf” and I’m happy to say, I managed to untangle the entire skein without cutting any of it! Granted it took me until about 1pm this morning, but I was determined not to give up.

Early this morning I got up (Julian’s fault!), cleaned up the kitchen, made some coffee and went back to crocheting. When Paul got out of bed, we made Cream Sausage Gravy and Biscuits from the most delicious milk I have ever had! I splurged this week and bought a half gallon of milk from the “Nice Farms Creamery” located a bit north of us in American Corner, MD.  I made biscuits from scratch while Paul made the Cream Sausage Gravy.  I usually make drop biscuits but this time I rolled them out and used the circular lid from my cooking spray can to cut out the biscuits.  (Not a bad way to reuse those plastic lids.)   Julian loved it too, he ate an entire biscuit all by himself!

Also in crocheting news, I came across an interesting swapping web site called “Swap-Bot” where you can set up a swapping group based on just about any crafty artistic thing, and the site will organize it for you and match up partners.  So I joined the site and my first swap is a “Pot Holder Swap” where I have to make a potholder and mail it to my partner by January 20th, and like wise I will get one from someone. Kind of a nifty idea, don’t you think?  I’d like to set up some of my own swaps, but I have to get good feedback on participating in swaps first.  When I do set one up, I’ll post it here if anyone wants to participate!

Happy New Year!



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  1. Posted by Rose on January 1, 2010 at 6:38 pm

    Cute headbands. At first I thought they were belts. Like those tunic ties you sent a while back.


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