CSA Winter Share Report- Making Soup with Kale

Organic Local Veggies

Organic Local Veggies

Tuesday we picked up our share from the Provident Organic Farms CSA.  We received Purple top turnips (we had a choice between them  and several types of radishes, not pictured),  as many sweet potatoes  (not pictured) as we wanted, a huge bunch of kale, boc choy, small red cabbage, beets (not pictured), and various kinds of “Greens”.  We ate the beets that very evening, because they are my favorite and Julian LOVES them even more than he loves green beans! About half the kale went into a huge pot of chicken soup that I made Wednesday.  I have a special recipe for baking the turnips with bacon, balsamic vinegar, and maple syrup, which I plan on posting soon.  I’ll be making wilted mixed greens as a side this week. I like to cook them with a little butter and garlic powder. If there isn’t enough of them, I’ll add some frozen spinach from the store, which is another family favorite.

Soup is a wonderful winter meal and kale is wonderful in soup!  If you remember to save your left over chicken bones

Home Made Chicken Soup

Home Made Chicken Soup

and vegetable ends to make your own stock, it can be incredibly frugal as well! I save my chicken bones and veggies ends in bags in the freezer.  When my freezer get too  full of stock bones and veggies odds and ends, I dump them in my biggest pot, and simmer them all day.  At about 3pm, I’ll pour the stock through a colander, and pour the broth into a new pot, and toss out the bones and veggie bits. (If you have a meat grinder you can grind up the bones and things to feed to your pets or pigs.) To prepare the kale for soup, I cut the leaves off the thick stems, cut it into 1/2 inch strips,  and steam them in a covered frying pan with a little water on medium heat. Once it’s well wilted, I then add it to the broth. This weeks’ batch of chicken soup included kale, barley, onions, corn, pinto beans, frozen tomatoes from my garden, can of mushrooms, and chicken. I added garlic, thyme, red and black pepper, and salt to taste.  I made so much that after we had dinner, I filled about 6 quarts! I froze two of them right away, the rest are in the fridge for quick weekend meals. Anything that’s still in the fridge Sunday night, I will also freeze.  When you freeze in glass containers, remember to leave plenty of room for the liquids to expand, or your jar will break.  You can also pressure can soup, if you know how. I haven’t gotten quite that far with canning yet!

Happy Local Slow Food Cooking to You and Yours!


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