Recycled Suet Feeder

Onion Bag Suet Feeder

Onion Bag Suet Feeder

I have a maple tree growing up through my deck, and it’s getting quite tall.  I noticed some cold birds resting on its bare branches, and I thought I should put out  some suet for them.  I grabbed an old onion bag and some kitchen twine, and ran it through the bag around the top, to make it into a “draw string pouch”.  I had some store-bought suet that I bought over a year ago, and put it inside, and tied it to the tree. They haven’t found it yet, but they will. I just hope my cats don’t take advantage of the feeder! They are quite the mousers, but I’d rather they not eat the birds!

You can also make home-made suet from bacon fat. When you cook bacon, save the fat in a glass jar in the fridge. When you have enough, zap it in the microwave to melt it, add some bird seeds (I use a handful of chicken scratch, since it’s what I have around) and pour it into a clean cardboard milk carton.  Cool it in the fridge and it will form a nice block, and it can be sliced if it’s too thick.   The birds will thank you for it!



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