CHAOS Report: De-molding the house

CHAOS = Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome

Last week I cleaned the kitchen several times, and reorganized the Lazy Susan.  I also hung up some corner shaped baskets and decided to store my onion skin collection (for dying eggs, and yarn) in one of them, and the Halloween candy in the other.  I also weeded out some pots and pans I don’t want anymore, an moved some of my 3L bottles of stored water to that hard to reach nook in the back of the corner cabinet.  And I FOUND a cabinet I forgot existed! I have this little skinny cabinet that like nothing fit into, not even my cookie sheets, and I cleaned it out, and I can get three 3L bottles in there on their side, and on the sliding shelf I  stored some of my home canned apple pie filing and some “Gifts in a Jar” hubby and I made on Sunday.

One thing I find easy to do is  cleaning the guest bathroom, because I can do it while Julian takes a bath! So I cleaned it up really well during one bath, and at the following bath I took everything out of the sink cabinet, cleaned up the spilled liquid soap, toss out yucky things, put other stuff in it’s proper location, and made all those rolls of TP fit in there without falling out when I open the door!  I also found like 3 tiny tubes of toothpaste and I instructed Vincent to use them up for me.

Monday,  I started with the vacuum cleaner, taking it apart and cleaning out the spinning bar. (My hubby and I both have long hair, and we have Siberian Husky, so this is a regular part of vacuuming.) Then I picked up every toy in the living room and piled them on the love seat and then reached under the couches and found some more toys and piled them on the love seat, and then I vacuumed the living room, moving the chairs and the foot rest. Next I decided to vacuum under the couch cushions, recovering several DS games that Vinny has lost.  Last, I cleaned the mold that was hidden behind the curtains creeping up the window sills.

Today I vaccuumed Julian’s room, and organized some boxes of junk from Vincent’s room.  I need to decide what baby stuff to keep and what get rid of and plan a yard sale for the spring.   Oh, and I cleaned the mold off the window…Maybe if I had a basement, the mold would be happy living there?

Happy Year Round Cleaning!


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