Winter Share Report

Winter Share Veggies

Winter Share Veggies

Yesterday I picked up my share of winter veggies from the CSA.  My pick up site is at the Asbury Church near Salisbury University at 3pm, every other Tuesday. In this week’s share, I received sweet potatoes, boc choy (Chinese cabbage), two bunches of leaf lettuce, vitamin greens, daikon radishes, and scallions.  I’m planning a stir fry with the boc choy, radishes and scallions. I think I’ll cook all the greens together with a bit of butter and garlic for a side dish or I’ll put some of it in soup!

I also wanted to share a picture of my “root cellar” where I store My "Root Cellar"my root veggies that don’t need refrigeration. Potatoes go in the dishpan, and my winter squash and pumpkins are on top.  I made quite a bit of home made squash baby food over the winter for Julian and I was pleased to find it growing out of my compost pile, like a gift from the Goddess! One of the pumpkins came from our garden as well.  We also had about 40 quarts of potatoes, which we ate all summer. The potatoes in this picture are from the CSA. Dishpans make great storage for large quantities of food! I have another one in the fridge filled with organic apples.


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  1. Posted by James on December 10, 2009 at 3:51 am

    In answer to your Facebook query, I usually bake my sweet potatoes, but sometimes I make sweet potato fries out of them, and at one point I turned them into sweet potato gnocci. (I have even been known to tempura them!)


  2. Mmmmm tempura sounds great! I might have to do that…I think I have a recipe for that somewhere….


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