Babysitting for the CSA

Sadie in her high chair

Sadie in her high chair

I love being a member of Provident Organic Farms CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  !  We have known of it for several years, but didn’t join because we didn’t have time to cook. Now that we are a family of four, and I’m home with the kids, we thought it would be a good idea to join.  Last winter, during one of those months where everyone gets an extra paycheck, we used that extra paycheck to pay for a Full Season Share from May to October.  There are also volunteer opportunities at the farms, where you can earn back a little money .  I wasn’t sure if anyone would need babysitting, but I told the volunteer organizer that I had a baby and would be happy to babysit if anyone needed it.  As it turned out one of the farmers, Lisa of Calliope Farm, had a baby girl and was thrilled to have someone watch her in her own home.

About once a week I sit for her, so she and her husband can focus on the vegetables.  Sometimes they even gave me their “culls”, like the day I came  home with a huge basket of over ripe bell peppers to clean up and freeze. I also love having the opportunity to learn more about about organic gardening, preserving food, and cooking! Best of all I like being a useful, appreciated part of a community, which can be difficult when one is a “Stay-At-Home” parent, not to mention the joy of  getting out of my own home, and just focusing on two adorable babies for a change!

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