Post Thanksgiving Update

No Tie Hanging Dish Towel

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my mother in South NJ, which we haven’t done in quite some time.  I did very little cooking, which was fine with me! Mom decided to do “Christmas” on Saturday as we usualy spend it with my husband’s family.  Mom made Vincent  a warm bath robe, more clothes, several chapter boooks,  and gave him her ice cream maker.  (We will be making some frozen yogurt tomorrow!!)  I recived a home made gift bag of pancake breakfast supplies: mix, real maple syrup, jellies, coffee. Also some new sheets, new winter coat, and The Best of  America’s Test Kitchen 2008 cookbook, and a box of quart canning jars.  I gave mom one of my crocheted cotton “No Tie Hanging Dish Towel” which she loved, and Kevin and Poppy each recieved a crocheted “Popcorn Stitch Back Scrubber” in different colors.  For Paul, Kevin took him fishing on a party boat out of

Popcorn Stitch Back Scrubber

Popcorn Stitch Back Scrubber

Long Beach Island on Sunday. Unfortuantly Paul didn’t catch a thing, but had a great time reguardless. Friday we visited some friends, and Sunday we visited my Anut Cindy and Uncle Don. I gifted them a jar of my home made Organic Honey Sweetened Apple Pie Filling.  Sunday, while the guys were fishing, I made my first Apple Pie from scratch, including the crust, using new “No Roll” recipe. I’ll post about it soon!


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