Dirt Cheap Emergency Food Stash

I believe in being prepared, and maybe I’m a little paranoid about the future. That one reason why when I quit my job in the summer of 2008 to have Julian, my second son, we also decided to raise chickens. I didn’t know what the economy was going to do, and we thought we should know how to raise our own food, just in case.  Also consider how well the government handled Katrina, and maybe my paranoia isn’t all that crazy.  Needless to say having an emergency stash of food and water to last a month without cooking is a good idea, but what at what cost?  I found this article online (sorry can’t remember where originaly)  and saved it to my Face Book notes: Dirt Cheap Emergency Food Storage Advice.  I had no idea you could eat oat meal raw, but it makes sense, it is pre-cooked and I would have never thought of using my hot water tank as a water source (at least not without seriously panicking for a while first.) I’ve only been working on this for a few weeks but thus far I have 50 gallons of water in my hot water tank,  plenty of vitamins,  30 liters of water in 3 L soda bottles stored around the house, 9 lbs of oat meal, 4 cans of beans.  I’m buying store brand soda in 3L bottles (because they hold up better than milk jugs) to  store tap water:  $1.20 each, sometimes on sale for $0.75 each.  I’m buying 9 lb boxes of Oatmeal at sams club for $6.50 ish. The canned beans are free, thanks to WIC.  I think I bough the vitamins at Sams Club too, but I can’t recall the price. The oatmeal from Sam’s Club comes in a box with two bags in it, several of which would store nicely removed from the box, in a food safe 5 gallon bucket in the garage. The toughest part is really the water, because it takes up so much space, and containers don’t always hold up to freezing and because I lack a basement (as do most homes on the Eastern Shore).  So I have my bottle store in that cabinet over the fridge that I never go into, and back in the funky corners of my kitchen cabinets. The key to food storage is to use the food and replace it slowly, so it doesn’t go stale or bad. One third of the water has to be dumped (or used in the garden)  every 4 months to keep it fresh.  I’m not going to have my full month’s supply over night, but it’s a start.  Eventually I will add cans of apple sause, but at the moment I want to focus on the water and the oatmeal.


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  1. I ran into a friend shopping, also a quaint-do-it-your-self type and he had an excellent suggestion. If you are storing grains, like oatmeal or flour, you should freeze it overnight first to kill any bug eggs that are in it, and then take it out and store it electricity free.


  2. Do you have a twitter account so I can follow your tweets?


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