Socks for the Organizationaly Challenged

I happen to be one of those frazzle brained, organizationaly challenged people who struggle to keep a home from filling up with stuff.  Honstly I don’t think I’m doing too bad, considering I don’t have a basement. Today’s organizational project was the basked of random socks in the bedroom. I sorted it out, into piles of  grown up socks, baby socks, Vincent’s socks, kid socks too big for Julian and too small for Vincent, and non socks.  I decided after storting them, they needed to be rewashed because I think the cat decided to pee in the basket.  So, I mixed in the dirty diapers and the adult socks to make a large load out of a small one. I used lots of  borax and a bit of oxyclean, which I use sparingly.  (That’s a word I use quite a bit!) With the kids socks, I like to color code them with fabric markers or colored permanent markers. If I buy a bag of socks all the same I put a small dot of color on each one so I can tell they are the same size. This makes it easier to sort out what sizes don’t fit, because I can just look for the dots.  I really can’t stand matching socks, so I try to get a lot of the same exact thing to make it easier. I really need to weed out older socks that don’t match my current system, which would help make less laundry. I could cut them into rags (if I don’t cut them open, they end up back in the sock basket)…any other ideas on reusing old socks?

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  1. Posted by Anne on November 24, 2009 at 12:56 pm

    I keep a “rag bag” in the laundry area and any holey socks end up in there. Whenever I need a cleaning rag that can be tossed afterwards, I just grab on, slide it over my hand and clean. I just did this the other day when cleaning all the dog hair and grime off my washing machine.


  2. That’s a great idea! I hung up a bag over my washer for just this purpose! Thanks!


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