Angel Food Ministries

If you are looking for frugal food, AFM has good deals.  I’ve been ordering with AFM since about April of  2009, and the quality of the food has improved.  My host site is St. John’s Church in Fruitland,MD  and they also provide free bread from local grocery stores.  For November, I ordered a Signature Box, which is always $30 and the Thanksgiving Box for $36.  Here are some of the food items that came with my regular box:

AFM Processed Foods

AFM PRocessed Foods

AFM Beef

AFM Beef










Frozen AFM Veggies

AFM Veggies

Also included in this month’s Signature Box is a dozen eggs, usually medium size (I usually swap them for another loaf of bread as I have my own eggs.) a box of ceral, a quart of shelf stable milk, a 2 lb. bag of onions, 16 oz of pork chops, breaded fish patties,  ground beef,  hash brown patties, iced lemon cake, and a bag of frozen cauliflower.

Yes, none of this is organic, but I still feel better shoping at a charity. The volunteers at my host site are so nice and well organized. You order and pay a month in advance, so when you pick up, you also order for the next month. They have volunteers with carts to roll your boxes of food right out to your car. Did I mention the free bread? Much of it is whole wheat, and they have donuts and other desserts, if that’s your thing.

I usualy get one Signature Box, and another “Special”. For December I ordered the “Unbreaded Chicken Special” which was 10 lbs of chicken for $20, with thighs, split chicken breasts, and some other cuts.  I like bone-in chicken because I can cut out the bone and make stock from the left over bits, and this time of the year is best for soup! They also have an alergy free box, convience meal box, and fresh veggie boxes. Every month is a little different, so you don’t get borred of eating the same foods.  Since we also get veggies from Provident Organic Farms, I only order one Signature Box, and the go for the Chicken specials, as they are usualy the cheapest.  Typically the only processed food I buy are from AFM, and it’s just enough “Reheat and Serve” food to keep me sane in the kitchen.



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  1. Family Fun magazine has some really cute crafts for mismatched socks, this past Christmas we made carolers out of toilet paper rolls and cut children’s socks were the hats!


    • Oh, I used to get Family Fun magazine, but when I worked I hardly had the time to do any of the activities. I should dig up my old copies and work on some of the projects. 🙂


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