Provident Organic Farm Winter Share

I joined the Winter Share of POF, which delivers veggies every other week. This week we got turnips, radishes, beet greens, brocolli, and scallions.  There were also potatoes, but I declined them because I have a TON of potatoes at home. We grew our own potatoes this year. There were two heads of brocolli, we ate one last night in some home made Chinese Stir Fry that I made with left over cabbage and rice.   I think I’ll make chicken soup and add the beet greens to it. Not sure what I’m going to do with thoes raddishes…don’t they look like parsnips? But I asked, they are not…. I’m always open to cooking suggestions, so if you have a good recipe, let me know!

POF Winter Share

Turnips, Radishes, Beet Greens, and Brocolli

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