Organic vs. Frugal

This is really the big question. Organic (and what I call beyond organic)  food produced by small farmers is going to cost more, but it’s better for you, not just because it’s produced without toxic chemicals, but because when cows eat grass, they make better milk, and when chickens eat bugs, toads, and yes even mice they make better eggs.  Contrary to what the FDA says, and egg is not an egg is not an egg.What livestock animals eat makes a big difference.  And that’s why we are trying to produce as much of our own food as we can, because it’s the cheapest option. That said, we have had limmited success with organic gardening, but we are learning from our mistakes and will press on!

We have been purchasing a large portion of our non-organic food from Angel Food Ministries, because they have excellent prices and it’s a non profit organization, and it’s better than buying from Walmart. I do buy some things at Sam’s Club, like the 4 lb box of powdered milk that makes 5 gallons and costs about $12. That’s about $4 cheaper than at Walmart for the same box.   I’m also on WIC and there are no organic options for the WIC checks, but it’s free food. It’s hard to say no to free….

Bottom line, we have decided to make healthy food a priority. The only junk food I buy are some “Whale” crackers for Julian, my 16 month old,  popcorn that I pop myself on the stove, and Sugar Free Instant Pudding. If I get coupons I might get a dessert as a treat from a fast food place, but never a meal. Now I will make from scratch cookies and things, and boy I would LOVE to get hand cranked ice cream maker, but I use a lot of Sucralose and whole wheat.  We don’t have cable, but do use Netflix and Hulu. We buy quite a bit of our “things” used, or from FreeCycle, or Craig’s List.We have a rule in our house: “We don’t begin sentances with “I want”!  I might drive a 10 year old Saturn, but I don’t have any credit card debt.  That’s a great feeling!

We also have a new relationship with food. Cooking is hobby, not a chore. Eating together as a family is mandatory.


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