Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to my first blog dedicated to my quaint lifestyle.  So what do I mean by “quaint”? Lets take a look at the definitions, according to Google.

  • strange in an interesting or pleasing way
  • old-time: attractively old-fashioned (but not necessarily authentic)

Right on! That’s me to a “Tee”! But there is more to Quaint Homesteading than nostalgia, it has to do with the “Transitional Communities Movement” and the belief, that one way or another, there will be an “Energy Decline”. Living in a more sustainable way and decreasing our dependency on electricity will help us survive this decline in cheap affordable energy.  Some projects are very high tech, like solar panels, but others, like putting up a clothes line are low tech, hence the emphasis on “Quaint”.  A big part of the Transitional Movement is creating local economies, starting with food, which is also an area my blog will cover.  So if you like cooking from scratch, organic gardening, Community Supported Agriculture, raising back yard chickens for eggs and meat, slow foods, and crafts, like crocheting, you will find something to read here!  I’m also an Earth Centered Spiritual Liberal and member of my local Unitarian Universalist congregation, so I’ll be posting about my faith and how I celebrate the divine.  On occasion I even write poetry!  Other topics will also include writing about my battle with CHAOS (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) as I’m an organizationally challenged housewife.

So, if any of these topics interest you, please add me to your favorite blog reader (I like google reader) and let me know what you enjoy hearing about the most. I’m here to please the audience!




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  1. I like your descriptions of quaint….Great life


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